13th Writing Assignment June 1
This persuassive essay will deal with the use of hand held technology devices in the classroom. Current district policy dictates that there will be no use of hand held devices during school hours. You and a partner will respond to the question of whether or not you agree with the current rule about tech tools in school. In addition you will Peer Conference with other students in your class through the use of the discussion tab. Read essays and respond to fellow writers by making suggestions for revisions or editing of their paragraph. Lastly we will send a letter to Mr. Facione from the 3rd graders telling him about our essays. We will provide a link so that he can read them.

12th Writing Assignment May 24th
A persuasive essay is a writing piece that is meant to convince someone of something. It can be any issue about which you feel strongly..
You will write a response to this prompt:
Ms. Roney was teaching a math lesson during which several students were "fooling around". She has decided that all students in her 3rd grade class will miss recess. Do you agree with Ms. Roney's decision? Why or why not? Support your response with 3 reasons why you agree or disagree.,

11th Writing Assignment 4/12/10
Think about a time during your Spring Break that was a "small moment" you would like to write about. Be sure to create a picture in the reader's mind as they enjoy your writing piece. It can be funny, sad, thoughtful, etc. Don't start with a graphic organizer. Just begin by writing a first draft of your small moment. After this, we will conference about your piece and consider revisions.

10th Writing Assignment 2/25/10

Our genre study for this month was biographies. We read quite a few in class and each students was assigned one to read at home. Following the rubric you were given, create a paper-pencil graphic organizer and a power point of your person. Once the slide show is completed, each student is to dress as the person they have chosen and present the information in first person for in 3 to 5 minutes
Click on the icon to see and hear about Will Rogers.

9th Writing Assignment 1/29/10
After researching about an animal and its habitat you will write 4 paragraphs about what you have learned. Write about the characteristics, the weather and climate, where your habitat is located in the world and describe one animal that lives in the habitat. You must cite the sources where you found your information

8th Writing Assignment 1/11/10
Trickster Tales are folktales about animals that teach a lesson. You will write a story and then create a photo story, power point, or use clip art to enhance your tale. Along with this you will create a Photo Story of your trickster tale and post it to your wiki page.

7th Writing Assignment 12/11/09
Write about a tradition that is unique to your family. If you are writing about the holidays it cannot refer to presents or the exchanging of them as part of your tradition. Include something that is particular just to your family.

6th Writing Assignment 11/30/09
Pick a famous personality that you admire. Use the graphic organizer provided to come up with interesting ideas to include in a friendly letter to this person. Be sure to follow the correct format when writing your letter

5th Writing Assignment 11/13/09
Descriptive Paragraph - Make a graphic organizer using Inspiration about someone you have know since you were born. After you have created your prewrite begin your rough draft. Once you are ready and have made suggested revisions, write your final piece.

4th Writing Assignment 10/25/09
Write a Halloween Haiku

3rd Writing Assignment 10/16/09
Write a poem about Halloween or fall / autumn.aiku. You should add clip art to enhance your piece

​2nd Wriing Assignment 9/28/09
Go to your student page and post your writing piece about your favorite character from a book you have read. This character can be from a book you read recently or maybe this summer. Be sure you pick a character that you can describe in detail. Use your list of character traits to help you.